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Sanibel Island: Periwinkle Way

The commercial center of Sanibel, Periwinkle Way is lined with shops and restaurants.  At the eastern end, it begins at the historic Sanibel Lighthouse and crosses over two canals lined with large boats and opulent homes.  West of Lindgren, it is purely commercial.

Long-range plans call for building a bypass path which would run parallel with Periwinkle, behind the businesses between Sanibel Steakhouse and Casa Ybel Road, along the Sanibel River.

Some distances, in miles:
4.9 Total Periwinkle, from Lighthouse parking lot to Tarpon Bay Road
1.3 Lighthouse parking lot to Lindgren
0.6 Lindgren to Donax
0.5 Donax to Dixie Beach Blvd
0.1 Dixie Beach Blvd to Casa Ybel
0.8 Casa Ybel to Dunlop
0.3 Dunlop to Palm Ridge
0.2 Palm Ridge to Tarpon Bay Road

Palm Ridge Road

This little bend starts at Periwinkle and turns into San-Cap Road at the Tarpon Bay Road intersection.

Length in miles, from Periwinkle to Tarpon Bay Road: 0.3

From Periwinkle you can easily reach:
To see only the Periwinkle bike path, uncheck the Show all bike trails checkbox below the map.
Purple line represents paved bike path; maroon line is gravel or packed dirt

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